What’s MYBYB??

Make Your Band Your Business

MakeYourBandYourBusiness.com is the place for independent artists. MYBYB is partnering with leading organizations in the music industry, to offer lots of valuable information, links, tips and tricks to help artists achieve success.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll find resources on how to create an attention-grabbing EPK, the best way to submit your songs for radio airplay, and other knowledge you’ll need to give your music business a successful start.

We’ve got lots of benefits for the veteran indie artists too, including a map / database of artists, venues and photographers all over the United States. So, the next time you’re planning a tour, you can connect with well-established, paying venues, hire a recommended free-lance photographer, or team up for a show with other artists in the towns you’re passing through, extensively increasing your fan base.

While working with independent artists for the last few years, I saw a need for a go-to hub, for everything indie. We strive to make MYBYB just that for you. Your first step is to register, answer a few quick questions and we’ll get started. If we all work together, we can all succeed! #MYBYB

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